UFC 228

UFC 228, Live Stream Online Free HD TV Schedule. UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley defends his title against Darren Till in the main event of UFC 228 from Dallas on Saturday.

There’s a lot to be proud of in Woodley’s championship run, but that’s not what usually gets mentioned. It’s not rare to open up an online forum and see fans refer to Woodley as a “whiner” — a guy who is always looking for a money fight but doesn’t really deserve one. A champion who should say less and fight more aggressively.

“It’s difficult because people aren’t doing their own research,” Woodley told ESPN. “There are so many fights, every week, people are not up to speed. If people really did their research, they would see I’m not complaining. I’m willing to talk about facts and truth, and sometimes facts and truth come off as complaining.

“What I’ve recognized is I can tell the truest story possible, but people might not be willing — or even want — to receive it. So, lately I’ve personally chose to not tell the story. The only reason to tell the narrative in the past was so fighters who came after me didn’t have to experience the things I experience. I’ve seen people in the position of champions who were too scared to speak up about these things, because they were scared of messing themselves up. I felt obligated to use my platform for change.”

This fight isn’t “Woodley vs. The UFC,” but there are certain elements of that. The UFC has taken a strong interest in Till and has backed him from a promotional standpoint.

For Woodley, Saturday is an opportunity to further build his case as one of the best welterweights of all time in a fight that, on paper, could be more entertaining than his past two. And if he happens to do it against an opponent he thinks the UFC might not mind him losing to, that’s all the better.

“People only remember your last performance,” Woodley said. “If you do the math, look back on my career, every person that was an aggressive fighter or attempted to be aggressive against me, what happened to them? They got knocked out. I think history is going to repeat itself.”

If someone had told you in 2016, Woodley would go the distance in back-to-back title fights against a rangy, clever striker in Stephen Thompson and score only two takedowns in that entire 50 minutes, would you have expected him to remain the champ? Probably not.

And that’s why Till is on record saying Woodley’s intelligence might be his best attribute. Woodley has cracked two very difficult puzzles in his time as a champion. He has a cerebral approach and understands his own strengths and weaknesses well. He always seems to know the situation he’s in — the time left in a round, the score of that round. He’s extremely patient and experienced. And if the situation requires it, he does have that “bite down on your mouthpiece and go” kind of heart.